ALL UNDER SIN; Romans Part 14

For All Have Sinned (i) All Under Sin Romans 3:9-20 In this final study of the first major section of his epistle Paul sums up his arguments relating to the sinfulness endemic in humanity. Having expounded the depravity of the Gentiles and having delineated the wickedness of the Jews, he brings all of his arguments togetherContinue reading “ALL UNDER SIN; Romans Part 14”

LET GOD BE TRUE; Romans Part 13

For  All  Have  Sinned (h)  Let  God  Be  True Romans  3:3-8 When  the  Apostle   Paul  evangelised   he  reasoned  with   his congregations.    With  the  very  fine  mind  given  him  by  God  he  was able  to  produce  excellent  arguments  as  he  stated  the  case  for Christ.    He  had  the  ability  to  debate  and  respond  to  alternative points  Continue reading “LET GOD BE TRUE; Romans Part 13”

THE ORACLES OF GOD; Romans Part 12

For All Have Sinned  (g) The Oracles of God Romans 3:1-2 Having spent an entire chapter dealing with the sinfulness of the Jewish people Paul now comes to an important question, which he anticipated. Some may ask; ‘If the Jews are as sinful as the Gentiles is there no possible advantage in being a Jew? Is our identity thereforeContinue reading “THE ORACLES OF GOD; Romans Part 12”