A Puritan Parable Archbishop Ussher had long wished for the opportunity to meet with Samuel Rutherford, the Scottish Presbyterian preacher. He reckoned that the Scot would not entertain him because he was an Episcopalian Bishop. Therefore while travelling from Ireland through south west Scotland, en route to London, he called at the Manse in AnwothContinue reading “THE ARCHBISHOP AND THE PRESBYTERIAN”

 A Gospel Poem About An Egg – by John Bunyan

I came across this quaint rhyme written by John Bunyan.  Pastors and Sunday School Teachers may well see the value of this poem when presenting children’s talks on Easter Sunday. “An egg’s no chick by falling from a hen, Nor a man a Christian till he’s born again The egg’s at first contained within theContinue reading ” A Gospel Poem About An Egg – by John Bunyan”