The Power of Christ’s Resurrection

Philippians 2:10

“That I may know him and the power of his resurrection”

You don’t me to tell you or to illustrate from our
personal experiences and from the history of humanity
that we live in a hopeless state. Man is ruined;  Society is ruined, Nations are ruined.

The world is a  decrepit, decaying, depraved place and we are all  caught up in this river of disaster and human misery. 

I am not being overly pessimistic. Job was taught by  his bitter sorrows that man is born unto trouble as the  sparks fly upward. Do you not observe this to be true  as we listen to our national and international news  bulletins? On a personal level sickness and  death, alcohol and drugs, family breakdowns and a  thousand other problems that stare us in the face  testify that we are struggling creatures in a hopeless  and difficult world. 

Every day, every month and increasingly so we  personally need the message of Easter.

 This message  needs to heralded from the roof tops, broadcast on the
media, expounded from every pulpit. That is only one source of hope for a ruined race, for every society, for
every nation, for every home, for every individual.

Christ, Christ and no-one but Christ. He is the only  hope because He is the resurrected one. 

The resurrection  of Jesus Christ stands alone and unique in the anals of
human history as the single most powerful event – yes we need, we must have the power of His resurrection.  

And like Paul we need to know and experience the
power of that resurrection in our day to day  experience.  

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