“But now what piety without truth? What truth, what saving truth, without the word of God? What word of God, whereof we may be sure, without the Scripture? The Scriptures we are commanded to search. John 5. 39. Isaiah 8. 20. They are commended that searched and studied them. Acts 17. 11. and 8. 28, 29. They are reproved that were unskilful in them, or slow to believe them. Matth. 22. 29. Luke 24. 25. They can make us wise unto salvation. 2 Tim. 3. 15. If we be ignorant, they will instruct us; if out of the way, they will bring us home; if out of order, they will reform us; if in heaviness, comfort us; if dull, quicken us; if cold, inflame us.”  King James Version; Translators’ Epistle to the Reader

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