ENCOUNTERS ALONG THE WAY; John Bunyan’s Life and Literature (10)

As this stage of the journey was descriptive of Bunyan’s ministry, he was indicating that those engaged in public service must be especially on their guard against the consequences of flattery and where it can lead.

The Delectable Mountains; John Bunyan’s Life and Literature (9)

This place therefore represents the goal of Christian maturity that we all must aspire to, as we make our journey through the wilderness of this world.


“My voice thou shalt hear in the morning O Lord” (Psalm 5:3) “How much is there in the morning to call forth the voice of thanksgiving!  Let us think of the season we have just passed through.  How many many houseless creatures this night have no place where to lay to their heads!  How manyContinue reading “MORNING GRATITUDE BY WILLIAM JAY”