Overcoming Coronavirus Fear with Christian Hope

A Pastor shares his faith and his prayers

We are living in strange days filled with heightened anxiety and deep uncertainty. For two months we have watched COVID-19 coming closer to our shores; and now the pandemic is about to strengthen its grip on on our population.

We are concerned for older people who are our parents and grandparents. We worry about our family and friends who are already sick, with some undergoing treatment. We think about our healthcare professionals who will be on the frontline fighting this illness in order to save lives. Health concerns are not the only worries. There is the disruption to everyday life; some businesses are already suffering a dramatic loss of income and young people sitting exams have big concerns about their future. And there is the apprehension about isolation, lockdown – if it happens – and how long it will last for and what our society will feel like after we emerge from the darkness.

For the last fifty years the western world has been dominated by the secular humanist mindset, which sneers at faith and which considers science and natural reasoning to be sufficient for every situation. We are not only watching – we are part of an unfolding situation where Governments, armed with the best scientific advice available are approaching this crisis in different ways. I do not blame scientists and politicians, nor should any of us. They are making the best decisions they can honestly make, but the truth is everyone is struggling to hold back the tide. A sense of helplessness fills every mind.

In the midst of these desperately worrying times, there is nothing that can replace the certainty of faith; particularly the Christian faith. By faith the Christian looks beyond the natural world with all of its inevitable suffering to Christ who triumphed over death. As we approach Easter, the great symbol of new life, in these alarming days, there is a call coming from God to look to Christ who alone offers hope. When illness and death comes, when we have to lie in an ICU unit surrounded by masked strangers, when we stand beside an open grave laying a loved one to rest, when the doctor and nurse is caught in the turmoil of the never ending queue of serious cases – science can’t give hope, secular humanism can’t provide peace, BUT Christ can. Let us bow our heads today before the one who lives forevermore, who alone can give us hope in these troubled times.

As for me, I pray – for the sick and the vulnerable, for those already diagnosed, for our doctors and nurses, for our Governments and their advisors, for the world and this chaos that God would have mercy upon us. I pray that we might overcome Coronavirus fear with Christian hope.

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