After men have had their say, God must have the final word. Chapters 38 – 42 contain God’s conversation with Job as an individual. God must have the final say. Our thoughts and ideas must be subservient to the thinking of the Almighty. We need an ear for His voice. When God speaks our sins are uncovered and our wrongs are put to right.


The grim reaper has been busy during the Covid-19 pandemic. When arrows of sickness and death are being hurled at a helpless population we have been reminded of a bow that is empty of arrows and contains only a message of love and beauty. The rainbow teaches us that in a broken world true love, hope and peace can only be found in a gracious God, because He alone is love.
Some have speculated that Covid-19 is a consequence of God’s judgement upon us for our sins. I do not deny that we deserve judgement but the Bible depicts a God whose nature is balanced – holy and just on the one hand but long suffering and kind on the other. Therefore in the darkest place we are never without hope as long as God exists.