Romans 11:33

“O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!”

While we know by faith that God exists, that He framed the universe by the word of His power and that He is the supreme judge to whom we are accountable – we also are deeply aware that His person is veiled in mystery.

This is because humanity and deity are poles apart.

We live in time whereas God is timeless.

Our days are numbered whereas God is eternal.

We are limited in every way but God is infinite being without limits.

We are sinful but He is holy, impeccably pure.

Weighing up these remarkable contrasts it is evident that we can never understand such an immense, awesome being.

It is the mysterious infinity of God, however, that gives us such strength, hope and courage when facing this life with all of its terrible struggles.

This great God is described in the Psalms as our God, being a guide unto death who will not fail (Psalm 48:14). Even though His people are sinful and wicked by nature, Paul described God as being one never ashamed to be called our God (Hebrews 11:16). Therefore to enjoy the blessing of God is the happiest and most secure position to be in – both for time and eternity. Such a God can never fail. His promises are steadfast. His assurances are dependable.

This God, in His person and His determinations, is truth. There is so little that we can depend upon in the world. Life is uncertain, economies are fragile, society can be so fractured, doctors at times differ, one scientific discovery circumvents the last discovery – and so we are reminded constantly that life is a thick mist of uncertainty. Left to our own devices man does not possess the truth, at least not within himself. We struggle to find truth.

This is the very reason why, as societies abandon God they abandon truth and then they seek their own truth and but their truth is a fleeting mirage in the desert of life. Human societies have sought truth through idolatry, meditation, karma, materialism, rationalism, secular humanism, post modernism and a host of other mindsets. The post modern mind has reached the place where man claims there is no truth, truth is what we decide it to be and a future generation will devise their own truth. And so man is left in the oceans of time without a rudder, a chart and a compass. Cast adrift with no certainty. Such is the futility of living without God. It is no wonder that Paul declared “Let God be true and every man a liar” (Romans 3:4).

But when we know God we possess truth, certainty in a world of uncertainty. The Christian enjoys what some of the greatest minds sought for and longed for in the history of the world but failed to grasp because they did not know God. Like Greek civilisation, modern society with all of its progress and and academia has failed to know God; “the world by wisdom knew not God” (1st Corinthians 1:21).

Therefore Christ described those who know God as possessing the truth, and being set free by that truth, delivered from bondage and darkness (John 8:32). The truth that is found is an immense eternal pure being will never shift, not like man with all his theories and speculations.

Therefore, we have no grounds to question the actions of God. From our mortal perspective we have no answer for the dark mysteries of life.

Why do good people suffer? Why do wars and famines occur? Yes – we know that these are symptoms of a broken world, broken not by God but by our sin BUT why does God not intervene! I cannot explain this, I would not dare try to explain this but neither can I explain the mysteries of deity. But I do know that God’s wisdom surpasses our wisdom. That we at heart are unwise, foolish and destructive creatures. We cannot begin to question the superior intelligence and wisdom of our Creator and Governor. So YES – we can be absolutely confident that our God makes no mistakes. And herein is peace – the precious peace of trusting faith.

Such a confidence in the infinity of God does not inspire fatalism, however. Fatalism is the idea that we make no choices, we have no responsibility – that all that will happen must happen and we are mere passive creatures. Fatalism is evil because is robs man of his responsibility to the holy infinite God.

The very reason why we have a Bible is to teach responsibility to God. That we must obey Him, keep His commandments and worship His person. That those who go to Hell are sentenced to this awful doom because they have not believed. They are held accountable for their actions. Accountability to an immortal being, who gave us life and being is in itself a fearful truth. But it is this truth to which all of humanity are being directed.

There is no paradox between the absolute determinations of a sovereign God and the responsibility of man. God’s elects a people unto everlasting life, yet we must trust in Christ by faith and the Church must take the Gospel to all men. God according to His decrees of providence is in absolute control, yet we are assured that He will not withhold the requests of those who offer requests that are according to His will.

Rather than making us feel helpless, this fills us with incredible confidence – He will save and keep those who come to Him, a people will be converted through the ministry of the Gospel and our God will move mountains in response to the prayer of faith.

The most amazing and incomprehensible truth about our God, however, is His love.

There are questions about His love that we can’t answer. Why in the vastness of the universe did He fashion such a beautiful little planet of blue, to be inhabited by a people who would rebel against Him? Why did He choose to be glorified through mankind, the crown of His creation, when mankind chose to go their own way and have suffered in so doing? And the most incomprehensible question of all – Why would God send His Son in the form of His wicked creatures, to die in their place to accomplish redemption by the shedding of His precious blood?

These are the most profound questions of all. God, who has infinite power, knowledge and purity has also an infinite capacity capacity to love. Love is unconditional, love gives generously and love makes the greatest of sacrifices. Even in human terms the power of love defies all natural logic. The power of God’s love, however, ushers us into the beautiful place on earth.

“Jesus , loves me this I know

For the Bible tells me so”.

It is the knowledge of God’s love alone, which can give us hope, strength and peace in this troubled world. As mankind struggles with the uncertainties of life and the hatred which proves so self destructive – he needs this infinite love of God to calm and heal his broken spirit.

This love of God can only be experienced at the cross where Christ surrendered His life, out of love for His rebellious creatures. It is the mysterious infinite nature of this love alone which draws out the believing heart in wonder and praise:

“Love so amazing, so divine

Demands life, my soul, my all.”

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