PILATE: ORDERING THE CROSS – Near the Cross of Jesus (1)

Pilate the Roman Governor of Judaea was anxious.  He was tasked with keeping order in one of the most troublesome of all the Roman territories.  He was entering Passover time when hundreds of thousands of Jews were flooding into Jerusalem.  Nationalistic fervour would be at its highest and mixed with religious energy this was a heady cocktail.  He was aware of the stories of a Messiah, the great deliverer whom the Jews longed for.


The impact of the young Oxford academic and the rather aloof and profligate Welsh schoolmaster in 1735 cannot be overstated. These two young men converted at the same time would have lives and ministries that moulded and shaped the course of a nation, that had lost her way.


Sitting at home watching an online broadcast is not the same as sitting among God’s people in His house. We have proved that to be be true. We are thankful for the ability to be able to reach our people with God’s Word, we are so glad that those who are unable still to worship can share our ministry and yet we all are aware that communing with the body of Christ is impossible without our public gatherings.


WHO WAS WILLIAM PRINCE OF ORANGE? The twelfth of July celebrations, not only in Ulster, but everywhere in the world where the Orange Order has established itself, commemorate the legacy of one King of England, William 3rd, Prince of Orange. It is sad, that in the life of our nation, this tiny corner of theseContinue reading “WHO WAS WILLIAM PRINCE OF ORANGE”


We have travelled through uncertain and troublesome days. If we were told one year ago that tens of thousands would be dead in our own nation and hundreds of thousands worldwide, before another twelve months have passed – we would have been paralysed with incredulity and horror. These days have come and we are still faced with the possibility of a second wave but the people of God have experienced the peace of a God who never fails, because we have positioned ourselves by this Gospel river which has made glad our hearts.


PEACE FOR A BROKEN AND DIVIDED WORLD “Black lives certainly matter, the innocent victims of terrorism must matter and the future of babies yet unborn definitely matter. There is a common thread which runs through all of these situations that are unfolding in the world and in our society today – the desire of theContinue reading “PEACE FOR A BROKEN WORLD”