His plans for His people are filled with peace and not with evil. His timetable, not measured according to our reckoning, is secure nevertheless. He will bring this crisis to an end, when we shall gather with our families and the Lord’s people once again. And His timing will be perfect.

GIANT DESPAIR & DOUBTING CASTLE; John Bunyan’s Life and Literature (8)

Leaving the path will always led us into despair and doubting.  One simple step of disobedience can have catastrophic consequences

THE HILL OF THE CROSS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 4

This cross which Bunyan depicts is bloodless.  There is no crucifix, there is no dying Saviour thereon, it has been vacated yet it represents the price that has been paid.  The Roman model of a cross still holding the Saviour is indicative of their mass and of the desire to offer Christ constantly.  Our faith rests on a Saviour who died once, and it is on the merits of this one sacrifice that we stand

THE HOUSE OF THE INTERPRETER; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 3

THE REMAINING BURDEN  For some readers it seems surprising that after passing through the Wicket Gate, with the assistance of Good-Will, Christian’s burden remains.  We should not necessarily assume, however, that assurance is a blessing that every converted soul instantly receives.  Some struggle with the burden of assurance longing to be free of their horribleContinue reading “THE HOUSE OF THE INTERPRETER; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 3”

THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ASSURANCE; The Doctrine of the Trinity (17)

“…in assuring us the Holy Ghost brings us to the place where we have an affectionate intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, learning to cry out for His presence and to rely upon Him utterly.”

TO BE LIKE JESUS; Romans Part 40

Justification and Assurance (g) If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us Conformed to the Image of His Son Romans 8:29-30 In our last study we commenced the final section of Romans 8, which runs from v28 to v39. I suggested that the words of v31 are a fitting title for these verses,Continue reading “TO BE LIKE JESUS; Romans Part 40”

HEIRS; Romans Part 37

Justification and Assurance (e) Heirs of God Romans 8:17-25 In expounding the subject of Christian Assurance Paul now transports our thoughts to glory, the blessed hope of the Church. When taken as a whole, however, this section has a practical application because it teaches Christians how to deal with suffering. Affliction is a real problem inContinue reading “HEIRS; Romans Part 37”