THE HOUSE OF THE INTERPRETER; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 3

THE REMAINING BURDEN  For some readers it seems surprising that after passing through the Wicket Gate, with the assistance of Good-Will, Christian’s burden remains.  We should not necessarily assume, however, that assurance is a blessing that every converted soul instantly receives.  Some struggle with the burden of assurance longing to be free of their horribleContinue reading “THE HOUSE OF THE INTERPRETER; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 3”

REFORMATION CONFERENCE PART 7; Luther’s Theology of the Cross – Dr Alan Cairns

Suffering pain and tragedy? Asking questions – Why? This message is for YOU. WHat a blessing!! More than history. Applied theology. Christ All Sufficient.


1 The Compiling of the Bible 2nd Timothy 3:16-17 Introduction is a branch of Bible Study, where the various Books of the Old and New Testaments are are not only analysed but placed in their true historical and cultural context. This first study introduces the Bible as one whole book. What is the Bible? WhatContinue reading “1: COMPILING THE BIBLE”


In this 21st Century we are painfully aware that we live in a secular world. The word secular stems from a Latin Root that means simply “of this age”. Our world is consumed with this age. This time. This moment. The unseen God, the spiritual soul and the destiny of eternity is little considered. WeContinue reading “PSALM 10 – THE GODLY MAN IN AN UNGODLY SOCIETY”

The Doctrine of the Trinity (2): Defining The Being of God From Old Testament Revelation

The doctrine of the Trinity is rooted in Old Testament theology. This was not a novel doctrine formulated at Nicea, nor was it an invention by the Apostles. As with all revelation the Old Testament is the basis of the New