PILATE: ORDERING THE CROSS – Near the Cross of Jesus (1)

Pilate the Roman Governor of Judaea was anxious.  He was tasked with keeping order in one of the most troublesome of all the Roman territories.  He was entering Passover time when hundreds of thousands of Jews were flooding into Jerusalem.  Nationalistic fervour would be at its highest and mixed with religious energy this was a heady cocktail.  He was aware of the stories of a Messiah, the great deliverer whom the Jews longed for.


Sitting at home watching an online broadcast is not the same as sitting among God’s people in His house. We have proved that to be be true. We are thankful for the ability to be able to reach our people with God’s Word, we are so glad that those who are unable still to worship can share our ministry and yet we all are aware that communing with the body of Christ is impossible without our public gatherings.


We have travelled through uncertain and troublesome days. If we were told one year ago that tens of thousands would be dead in our own nation and hundreds of thousands worldwide, before another twelve months have passed – we would have been paralysed with incredulity and horror. These days have come and we are still faced with the possibility of a second wave but the people of God have experienced the peace of a God who never fails, because we have positioned ourselves by this Gospel river which has made glad our hearts.


This God, in His person and His determinations, is truth. There is so little that we can depend upon in the world. Life is uncertain, economies are fragile, society can be so fractured, doctors at times differ, one scientific discovery circumvents the last discovery – and so we are reminded constantly that life is a thick mist of uncertainty. Left to our own devices man does not possess the truth, at least not within himself. We struggle to find truth.


Job was strengthened in soul through seeing by faith the eternal weight of glory which make even his extreme brokenness fade away as an irrelevance. A view of eternity is the great hope for the child of God. Our Heavenly Father has His own precious ways of giving us renewed hope in hours of earthly trial. He is truthfully the God of all grace.


On Sunday evening Britain watched, the Commonwealth watched, America watched – the world listened as Queen Elizabeth 2nd made a rare speech in an hour of national and international emergency. Her words were thoughtful, comforting and inspiring. She praised the NHS and other key workers, she commended the spirit of this generation, she gently encouragedContinue reading “THE KING’S SPEECH”


Let us look at the children of our homes and our society. What kind of a future do we want for them? After the Coronavirus clears – what will the world look like? We must earnestly seek God, that he would intervene in grace, that in wrath He would remember to be gracious because where sin abounds grace doth much more abound.