TWO DARK VALLEYS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 6

On leaving the fellowship and the peace of the Palace Beautiful, the pilgrim’s path now led Christian down a steep slope into a landscape dominated by two difficult and treacherous places named The Valley of Humiliation and The Valley of the Shadow of Death.

The Handkerchief of God; Facing Death with Grace

Death. The cold corpse. Once there was a smile; now there is that blank vacant expression that we associate with death. A short time earlier there was breath, conversation, interest but not now. All has changed in a moment time. The home us filled with tears and bitter sweet memories. The one who was takenContinue reading “The Handkerchief of God; Facing Death with Grace”

HEIRS; Romans Part 37

Justification and Assurance (e) Heirs of God Romans 8:17-25 In expounding the subject of Christian Assurance Paul now transports our thoughts to glory, the blessed hope of the Church. When taken as a whole, however, this section has a practical application because it teaches Christians how to deal with suffering. Affliction is a real problem inContinue reading “HEIRS; Romans Part 37”

Is Jesus our Friend when Life Goes Wrong?

“Where were you? Why were you not a friend to one of your children. Why did you stand back and allow this situation to take place?” We often sing Joseph Scriven’s words and quote them in prayer: “What a Friend we have in Jesus All our sins and griefs to bear What a privilege toContinue reading “Is Jesus our Friend when Life Goes Wrong?”