The impact of the young Oxford academic and the rather aloof and profligate Welsh schoolmaster in 1735 cannot be overstated. These two young men converted at the same time would have lives and ministries that moulded and shaped the course of a nation, that had lost her way.

BEULAH LAND; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan

Now I saw in my dream, that by this time the Pilgrims were got over the Enchanted Ground, and entering into the country of Beulah, whose air was very sweet and pleasant, the way lying directly through it, they solaced themselves there for a season.

TWO DARK VALLEYS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 6

On leaving the fellowship and the peace of the Palace Beautiful, the pilgrim’s path now led Christian down a steep slope into a landscape dominated by two difficult and treacherous places named The Valley of Humiliation and The Valley of the Shadow of Death.

GRACE ABUNDANT TO THE CHIEF OF SINNERS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 1

GRACE ABUNDANT TO THE CHIEF OF SINNERS Seventeenth Century, English Baptist Preacher, John Bunyan, made his mark on history chiefly because of his book commonly called, “Pilgrim’s Progress”.  Despite receiving no formal education John Bunyan was a most prodigious author with his personal testimony, “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners” and “The Holy War”Continue reading “GRACE ABUNDANT TO THE CHIEF OF SINNERS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 1”

John Wycliffe; The 14th Century Brexiteeer

The Englishman Crouching at Luther’s Feet  In the German city of Worms, the scene of Luther’s bold defence before Charles 5th, The Holy Roman Emperor, stands one of the world’s finest memorials to the Reformation. While this monument reflects the politics of the movement, it is fitting that the theology should be central. Flanked byContinue reading “John Wycliffe; The 14th Century Brexiteeer”

Part 3 The Identity and Faith of the Ulster Protestant

3 The Sword and Crown The Heroes and Martyrs of the English Reformation The story of the English Reformation plays a key role in helping us understand what Protestantism is.  It is the story of how the English speaking people received their Bible.  We learn about scholarly leaders, of principled martyrs and of cruel persecutions.  TheContinue reading “Part 3 The Identity and Faith of the Ulster Protestant”