THE HILL OF THE CROSS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 4

This cross which Bunyan depicts is bloodless.  There is no crucifix, there is no dying Saviour thereon, it has been vacated yet it represents the price that has been paid.  The Roman model of a cross still holding the Saviour is indicative of their mass and of the desire to offer Christ constantly.  Our faith rests on a Saviour who died once, and it is on the merits of this one sacrifice that we stand

JONAH; Salvation is of the Lord

Rather than simply being the reluctant prophet, his common persona, Jonah was given one of the most amazing missions in all of Old Testament history, a mission which foreshadowed the enlargement of God’s Kingdom in New Testament times. There is certainly more to this ancient prophet than meets the eye.


Intriguingly Hosea’s prophecy begins with an account of a marriage that while commanded by God was at variance with our understanding of Biblical principles…It is clear from 1:2, however, that Hosea’s marriage to this woman was intended to be a picture lesson to the nation of their apostasy.

THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ASSURANCE; The Doctrine of the Trinity (17)

“…in assuring us the Holy Ghost brings us to the place where we have an affectionate intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, learning to cry out for His presence and to rely upon Him utterly.”


I heard Donald Trump quote this Psalm during his Inaugural Address. While I appreciated him bringing Scripture into his speech I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this really an appropriate use of The Word?” A Song of degrees of David. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Continue reading “THE TRUE SPIRIT OF UNITY – Psalm 133”

All Saints Day Message

This message, published on All Saints Day 2016, looks at the history of this day in the Christian Calendar and how it influenced the Protestant Reformation 499 years ago.

Join the Debate -Defending the Crucifixion of Christ 

Why the Crucifixion Compromises God’s Love, Justice and Mercy – Paul Williams in his blog attacks the Doctrine of Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice.  A debate has been sparked with one Muslim joining in.  Join the debate in a loving gracious manner and let us uphold this cardinal truth.