WHAT CHILD IS THIS? The Popular Christmas song, written by William Chatterton Dix, “What Child is This?” asks the all important Christmas question: “What Child is this Who laid to rest On Mary’s lap is sleeping? Whom Angels greet with anthems sweet, While shepherds watch are keeping?” We do well to ponder the question andContinue reading “WHAT CHILD IS THIS?”

God’s Grace Gifts to the Church; Romans Part 62

If only the Church could learn and employ the true “charisma” the gifts of grace, given by the Holy Ghost our congregations would be future proofed against carnal strife and division. The Characteristics of Christian Behaviour (e) God’s Grace Gifts to his Church Romans 12:6-8 6 Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is givenContinue reading “God’s Grace Gifts to the Church; Romans Part 62”

Unity and Diversity within the Church; Romans Part 61

A key aspect of this chapter which deals with Christian Behaviour is the teaching concerning the use of our gifts for the benefit of the Church family. Before we can begin using these gifts with success, however, it is necessary that we understand what the Church is.