We have travelled through uncertain and troublesome days. If we were told one year ago that tens of thousands would be dead in our own nation and hundreds of thousands worldwide, before another twelve months have passed – we would have been paralysed with incredulity and horror. These days have come and we are still faced with the possibility of a second wave but the people of God have experienced the peace of a God who never fails, because we have positioned ourselves by this Gospel river which has made glad our hearts.


The grim reaper has been busy during the Covid-19 pandemic. When arrows of sickness and death are being hurled at a helpless population we have been reminded of a bow that is empty of arrows and contains only a message of love and beauty. The rainbow teaches us that in a broken world true love, hope and peace can only be found in a gracious God, because He alone is love.
Some have speculated that Covid-19 is a consequence of God’s judgement upon us for our sins. I do not deny that we deserve judgement but the Bible depicts a God whose nature is balanced – holy and just on the one hand but long suffering and kind on the other. Therefore in the darkest place we are never without hope as long as God exists.


On Sunday evening Britain watched, the Commonwealth watched, America watched – the world listened as Queen Elizabeth 2nd made a rare speech in an hour of national and international emergency. Her words were thoughtful, comforting and inspiring. She praised the NHS and other key workers, she commended the spirit of this generation, she gently encouragedContinue reading “THE KING’S SPEECH”


Let us look at the children of our homes and our society. What kind of a future do we want for them? After the Coronavirus clears – what will the world look like? We must earnestly seek God, that he would intervene in grace, that in wrath He would remember to be gracious because where sin abounds grace doth much more abound.

Overcoming Coronavirus Fear with Christian Hope

A Pastor shares his faith and his prayers We are living in strange days filled with heightened anxiety and deep uncertainty. For two months we have watched COVID-19 coming closer to our shores; and now the pandemic is about to strengthen its grip on on our population. We are concerned for older people who areContinue reading “Overcoming Coronavirus Fear with Christian Hope”


Faith as a word, brings us into the heart and core of Christianity. Indeed, it is the word which defines the followers of Jesus, our belonging to the Christian Faith. With faith as a word, being loosely employed, to describe all religions, however, it is important that we are biblically precise in our understanding ofContinue reading “FAITH”

STUMBLING IN THE DARKNESS; The Failure of Natural Philosopy

Eighteenth Century Philosopher David Hume was one of the great thinkers in the period of history known as the enlightenment.   His ideas, however, were atheistic, with his denial of God and the miraculous.  Towards the end of his life, however, he showed how his ideas were flawed in that they could not bring the individualContinue reading “STUMBLING IN THE DARKNESS; The Failure of Natural Philosopy”


WHAT CHILD IS THIS? The Popular Christmas song, written by William Chatterton Dix, “What Child is This?” asks the all important Christmas question: “What Child is this Who laid to rest On Mary’s lap is sleeping? Whom Angels greet with anthems sweet, While shepherds watch are keeping?” We do well to ponder the question andContinue reading “WHAT CHILD IS THIS?”