“The Lonely Irish Hillside” by Peter McIntyre (some reflections after visiting the Deserted Village, Achill Island, Co Mayo) On a lonely Irish hillside Along a winding mountain path, Rows of ruined houses Stand silently, A haunting memorial To a terrible past People once populated this hillside, These old stone walls Were the pride and joyContinue reading “THE LONELY IRISH HILLSIDE”


We have travelled through uncertain and troublesome days. If we were told one year ago that tens of thousands would be dead in our own nation and hundreds of thousands worldwide, before another twelve months have passed – we would have been paralysed with incredulity and horror. These days have come and we are still faced with the possibility of a second wave but the people of God have experienced the peace of a God who never fails, because we have positioned ourselves by this Gospel river which has made glad our hearts.

BIBLE PRINCIPLES UNDER SIEGE; Battle of the Boyne Memorial Sermon

On a week when the Orange Order commemorates the freedoms won as a result of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, this sermon explores how biblical principles in Northern Ireland are under siege from the secular lobby who believe that faith should not influence the course or the structure of society.  We are aContinue reading “BIBLE PRINCIPLES UNDER SIEGE; Battle of the Boyne Memorial Sermon”

A LIVING DOG OR A DEAD LION: Reformation 500 Blogs Part 2

The 16th Century controversy which engulfed Germany and Martin Luther may seem far removed from the tranquility of Lough Erne in the 6th Century. Appearances, however, are deceiving. Although 1,000 years of history separates the two locations, there is a rich vein of truth that unites 16th Century Wittenberg with Ireland and Lough Erne inContinue reading “A LIVING DOG OR A DEAD LION: Reformation 500 Blogs Part 2”


A Puritan Parable Archbishop Ussher had long wished for the opportunity to meet with Samuel Rutherford, the Scottish Presbyterian preacher. He reckoned that the Scot would not entertain him because he was an Episcopalian Bishop. Therefore while travelling from Ireland through south west Scotland, en route to London, he called at the Manse in AnwothContinue reading “THE ARCHBISHOP AND THE PRESBYTERIAN”

Part 5 The Identity and Faith of the Ulster Protestant

5 Archbishop James Ussher Forging the Faith of the Ulster Plantation in the Fires of Persecution and Genocide The final of part of our journey exploring the faith of the Ulster Protestant brings us back to Ireland and the century which has influenced Northern Ireland more than any other.  The 16th Century saw the defeatContinue reading “Part 5 The Identity and Faith of the Ulster Protestant”