Paul’s concern for Israel brings him to the core need that exists not merely among the Jews but among all peoples, the want of righteousness. Only Justification at the bar of God can supply this need. God’s Plan For Israel (h) The Righteousness which is by Faith Romans 10:4-13 In identifying the need of IsraelContinue reading “JUSTIFIED, MADE RIGHTEOUS, BY FAITH ALONE; Romans Part 51”

Join the Debate -Defending the Crucifixion of Christ 

Why the Crucifixion Compromises God’s Love, Justice and Mercy – http://wp.me/p5AZLC-4hc Paul Williams in his blog attacks the Doctrine of Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice.  A debate has been sparked with one Muslim joining in.  Join the debate in a loving gracious manner and let us uphold this cardinal truth.


Justification and Assurance (g) If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us Who is he that Condemneth? Romans 8:33-34 In this concluding passage of Romans 8 Paul asks five unanswerable questions in relation to our assurance. Our study today examines two of these questions, which relate to the problem of sin and guilt.Continue reading “THE CRITIC SILENCED; Romans Part 42”

TO BE LIKE JESUS; Romans Part 40

Justification and Assurance (g) If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us Conformed to the Image of His Son Romans 8:29-30 In our last study we commenced the final section of Romans 8, which runs from v28 to v39. I suggested that the words of v31 are a fitting title for these verses,Continue reading “TO BE LIKE JESUS; Romans Part 40”

HEIRS; Romans Part 37

Justification and Assurance (e) Heirs of God Romans 8:17-25 In expounding the subject of Christian Assurance Paul now transports our thoughts to glory, the blessed hope of the Church. When taken as a whole, however, this section has a practical application because it teaches Christians how to deal with suffering. Affliction is a real problem inContinue reading “HEIRS; Romans Part 37”


Justification and Assurance (b) No Condemnation   The sinner is on God’s death row.  We need to be emancipated, set free.  No Condemnation. Romans 8:1-4 In commencing this great chapter on assurance Paul leads us once again into the heart of the Gospel, which he does so frequently throughout this epistle. The opening verse isContinue reading “NO CONDEMNATION:Romans Part 34”


In examining the doctrine of assurance and the effect of justification Paul now comes to examine the union that the believer has with Christ. Theologians call this union invisible or mystical because it is spiritual as opposed to material. Nevertheless it remains a real and vital union and as such it argues for our eternal salvation. The redeemed of God are bound to Christ in an inseparable eternal union.

WHAT IS JOY? – Romans Part 24

The Results of Justification (c) The Ingredients of Joy Romans 5:6-11 In dealing with the effects of Justification Paul is examining the subject of assurance and its various elements. Binding all of these elements together is the experience of joy. True assurance begets a sense of of joy and happiness. Therefore our security in ChristContinue reading “WHAT IS JOY? – Romans Part 24”


Justified by Faith (d) Our Father Abraham Romans 4:9-12 After using the example of David to teach the antiquity of this doctrine of Justification by Faith Paul returns to Abraham. Paul, as is his frequent practice, anticipates the objection of the Jewish people to this doctrine. In v9 he introduces the pride that the JewsContinue reading “OUR FATHER ABRAHAM; Romans Part 17”