THE OLIVE TREE; Romans Part 55

There was nothing as common to the people of the east as the olive tree. The olive was a rich source of food and oil and as such provided a steady income for the farmer. Therefore the Apostle lifts up this humble example and uses it to reinforce the truth concerning God’s Plan for Israel.Continue reading “THE OLIVE TREE; Romans Part 55”


Paul’s concern for Israel brings him to the core need that exists not merely among the Jews but among all peoples, the want of righteousness. Only Justification at the bar of God can supply this need. God’s Plan For Israel (h) The Righteousness which is by Faith Romans 10:4-13 In identifying the need of IsraelContinue reading “JUSTIFIED, MADE RIGHTEOUS, BY FAITH ALONE; Romans Part 51”

The Children of Promise; Romans Part 45

God’s Plan For Israel (b) The Children of Promise Romans 9:6-13 Having eloquently articulated his passion for the Jewish people, together with their importance in the economy of God, Paul now moves onto explain their place in the world of the New Testament. This is the era in which we presently live making this expositionContinue reading “The Children of Promise; Romans Part 45”

ALL UNDER SIN; Romans Part 14

For All Have Sinned (i) All Under Sin Romans 3:9-20 In this final study of the first major section of his epistle Paul sums up his arguments relating to the sinfulness endemic in humanity. Having expounded the depravity of the Gentiles and having delineated the wickedness of the Jews, he brings all of his arguments togetherContinue reading “ALL UNDER SIN; Romans Part 14”

THE ORACLES OF GOD; Romans Part 12

For All Have Sinned  (g) The Oracles of God Romans 3:1-2 Having spent an entire chapter dealing with the sinfulness of the Jewish people Paul now comes to an important question, which he anticipated. Some may ask; ‘If the Jews are as sinful as the Gentiles is there no possible advantage in being a Jew? Is our identity thereforeContinue reading “THE ORACLES OF GOD; Romans Part 12”

A BOOK WE CAN TRUST PART 12; In this final study we examine Acts, The Blueprint for the Church

Acts; God’s Blueprint for the Christian Church Key Texts: 1:8 The Title The English title for the this book, “The Acts of the Apostles”, although very ancient is not inspired. While this name is in many respects quite appropriate it is an imperfect representation of the content of Luke’s volume. Throughout the narrative the apostlesContinue reading “A BOOK WE CAN TRUST PART 12; In this final study we examine Acts, The Blueprint for the Church”


John; The Gospel of the Son of God Key Texts: Theme – 1:1; Purpose – John 20:31 The Author There is evidence from Church History that John was the author of the fourth Gospel. The clearest is the testimony of Ireneas who wrote in the second half of the 2nd Century. His witness is important becauseContinue reading “A BOOK WE CAN TRUST PART 11”


For All Have Sinned (e) The Righteous Judgement of God Romans 2:5-16 In this chapter which focuses upon the spiritual needs of the Jewish people Paul supplies teaching regarding the “the righteous judgement of God” (v5).  His immediate intention was to show the Jews that although they judged others and regarded themselves as a spiritually superiorContinue reading “THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT OF GOD, Romans Part 9”


Part 8 For All Have Sinned (d) The God Despisers Romans 2:1-4 In presenting his argument that the world’s depravity renders the Gospel absolutely necessary, Paul now turns his attention away from the pagan Romans to the religious Jews. While ch2v1 does not specifically state that it is the Jews he has in mind v17Continue reading “THE GOD DESPISERS, Romans Part 8”