THE ENCHANTED GROUND; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan

Does God want us to live like mice on the Enchanted Ground? Is it God’s will for his people to sleep their way to the Celestial City?

VANITY FAIR; The Courage of Faithful – John Bunyan’s Life and Literature (7)

THE LIFE AND LITERAURE OF JOHN BUNYAN  Part 7 The Pilgrim’s Progress from this World to that Which is to Come; Faithful and Vanity Fair  After passing through the dark and dangerous Valley of the Shadow of Death, Christian overtakes Faithful, also a former citizen of the City of Destruction.  This lesson is a characterContinue reading “VANITY FAIR; The Courage of Faithful – John Bunyan’s Life and Literature (7)”


Amos: The Herdman of Tekoa Key Text: Chapter 4:12 “Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.” Amos’ Biography The name Amos, according to the Jewish expert, John Gill, means “burdened”.  A most suitable name for one called toContinue reading “AMOS; THE SERMONS OF A COUNTRY PASTOR”


1 The Compiling of the Bible 2nd Timothy 3:16-17 Introduction is a branch of Bible Study, where the various Books of the Old and New Testaments are are not only analysed but placed in their true historical and cultural context. This first study introduces the Bible as one whole book. What is the Bible? WhatContinue reading “1: COMPILING THE BIBLE”

A Morning Prayer; Psalm 5

PSALM 5 A Morning Prayer We often regard morning as a suitable time to pray.  While we should be cautious about setting seasons aside as being more holy than others, there remains a unique suitability for prayer associated with morning.  As morning is generally the best time for learning, when the mind is fresh andContinue reading “A Morning Prayer; Psalm 5”

NIKE – The goddess of victory and the God of All Victory; Romans Part 43

Christians are super conquerors through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through the Saviour we are invincible; what a note with which to complete this section upon assurance! Justification and Assurance (g) If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us More Than Conquerors Romans 8:35-39 This study brings us to the final part of RomansContinue reading “NIKE – The goddess of victory and the God of All Victory; Romans Part 43”