PRAYING IN THE HOLY GHOST; The Doctrine of the Trinity (18)

The intercession of the Spirit is not to be confused with the intercession of Christ at the right hand of God. Christ prays for us as our Mediator. The Holy Spirit, however, prays within our hearts, giving us desires, praises and petitions as we pray. Therefore the intercession of the Holy Ghost is our intercession and His groanings are our groanings.

KINGS AND PRIESTS; The Christian Empowered

Ever feel discouraged and disconsolate? Here’s an empowering quote from Martin Luther  reminding you of the power and purpose of the Christian in the world: “…every  Christian  is  by  faith  so  exalted above  all  things  that,  in  spiritual  power, he  is  completely  lord  of  all  things,  so  that nothing  can  do  him  any  hurt;  yeaContinue reading “KINGS AND PRIESTS; The Christian Empowered”