Sitting at home watching an online broadcast is not the same as sitting among God’s people in His house. We have proved that to be be true. We are thankful for the ability to be able to reach our people with God’s Word, we are so glad that those who are unable still to worship can share our ministry and yet we all are aware that communing with the body of Christ is impossible without our public gatherings.


He continues to be the God who hears our groaning. He hears the cry of the nurse or the doctor struggling to cope with massive pressures on the healthcare system. He hears the cry of His child gasping for breath as the virus takes grip upon the lungs. He hears the sob of one who has lost a loved one, being deprived of the opportunity to say that final crucial farewell, he hears the cry of a family worrying about their financial future, he hears the cry of the church longing for a renewed spiritual consciousness in these desperate times.


Let us look at the children of our homes and our society. What kind of a future do we want for them? After the Coronavirus clears – what will the world look like? We must earnestly seek God, that he would intervene in grace, that in wrath He would remember to be gracious because where sin abounds grace doth much more abound.


“My voice thou shalt hear in the morning O Lord” (Psalm 5:3) “How much is there in the morning to call forth the voice of thanksgiving!  Let us think of the season we have just passed through.  How many many houseless creatures this night have no place where to lay to their heads!  How manyContinue reading “MORNING GRATITUDE BY WILLIAM JAY”

BIBLE PRINCIPLES UNDER SIEGE; Battle of the Boyne Memorial Sermon

On a week when the Orange Order commemorates the freedoms won as a result of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, this sermon explores how biblical principles in Northern Ireland are under siege from the secular lobby who believe that faith should not influence the course or the structure of society.  We are aContinue reading “BIBLE PRINCIPLES UNDER SIEGE; Battle of the Boyne Memorial Sermon”

TWO DARK VALLEYS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 6

On leaving the fellowship and the peace of the Palace Beautiful, the pilgrim’s path now led Christian down a steep slope into a landscape dominated by two difficult and treacherous places named The Valley of Humiliation and The Valley of the Shadow of Death.

JONAH; Salvation is of the Lord

Rather than simply being the reluctant prophet, his common persona, Jonah was given one of the most amazing missions in all of Old Testament history, a mission which foreshadowed the enlargement of God’s Kingdom in New Testament times. There is certainly more to this ancient prophet than meets the eye.