The Holy Spirit, however, has set times, when He works extraordinarily, pouring Himself out with dramatic and unprecedented results, in order that the Church might be strengthened for future times:

“Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.” (Psalm 102:13)

FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT; The Doctrine of the Trinity Part 20

In the best possible sense the Christian should be addicted to the Holy Ghost, craving each and every day His infilling. This study poses a challenging question that we need to take to heart:

Have we a thirst for the power of the Holy Ghost?

THE FATHER’S PROMISE; praying the prodigals home

The middle aged father sat in the congregation listening to another sermon, praying, wanting to believe there would be a message of hope.  He has grown desperate when looking at the wreckage of sin in the life of his son, now turned 19.   The abuse of alcohol, the increasing smoking habit and the justificationContinue reading “THE FATHER’S PROMISE; praying the prodigals home”

PRAYING IN THE HOLY GHOST; The Doctrine of the Trinity (18)

The intercession of the Spirit is not to be confused with the intercession of Christ at the right hand of God. Christ prays for us as our Mediator. The Holy Spirit, however, prays within our hearts, giving us desires, praises and petitions as we pray. Therefore the intercession of the Holy Ghost is our intercession and His groanings are our groanings.


  Normally Churches are delighted to welcome  the stranger but this week we had a visitor we rather wish had never bothered to stop by. On Wednesday 20th December I received a phone call from the Principal of the Christian School attached to our Church, telling me there had been a burglary.  Entering the spaceContinue reading “AN UNWELCOME CHRISTMAS VISITOR”