DIFFICULT HILLS AND BEAUTIFUL PALACES; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 5

God’s will often leads us into places that the flesh finds to be most unpleasant.  When called to stand alone for truth, to face opposition and criticism – the way is not easy.  Yet this is the way that the Saviour himself took, our great inspiration

THE HILL OF THE CROSS; The Life and Literature of John Bunyan Part 4

This cross which Bunyan depicts is bloodless.  There is no crucifix, there is no dying Saviour thereon, it has been vacated yet it represents the price that has been paid.  The Roman model of a cross still holding the Saviour is indicative of their mass and of the desire to offer Christ constantly.  Our faith rests on a Saviour who died once, and it is on the merits of this one sacrifice that we stand


Sanctification and the Battle with Sin (a) The Man of Romans 7 Romans 7:14-25 This passage in Romans 7 is one of the most controversial in the entire book. The multitude of views found in Christian literature can be confusing when endeavouring to understand the teaching aright. The problem that the Bible student is facedContinue reading “SANCTIFICATION AND THE BATTLE WITH SIN; Romans Part 31”