FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT; The Doctrine of the Trinity Part 20

In the best possible sense the Christian should be addicted to the Holy Ghost, craving each and every day His infilling. This study poses a challenging question that we need to take to heart:

Have we a thirst for the power of the Holy Ghost?

ROMAN PRAYERS; Romans Part 75

It is natural for missionary or preacher to bring prayer requests before a congregation.  This section contains the prayer requests of an Apostle to a New Testament Church. Paul, The Apostle to the Gentiles (e) Roman Prayers Romans 15:30-33 Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love ofContinue reading “ROMAN PRAYERS; Romans Part 75”


Justification and Assurance (f) The Spirit Maketh Intercession Romans 8:26-27 In examining the subject of assurance Paul, through this 8th Chapter of Romans has been responding to that which discourages our hearts and robs us of peace. In v1-12 he viewed the battle between the flesh and the Spirit. In v17-25 he considered the sufferingsContinue reading “TRUE SECRET OF FRUITFUL PRAYING; Romans Part 38”