Part 9 – The Feast Of Pentecost

Leviticus 23:15-22, Deuteronomy 16:9-12, Deuteronomy 26, Acts 2

 This was the second feast of the Jewish calendar.  In the Old Testament it is normally called the Feast Of Weeks because it fell 7 weeks after the grain offering was presented during the Passover, Leviticus 23:15.  The worshipper was personally responsible for numbering the 49 days and on the 50th day Pentecost took place.  This too was a harvest feast, taking place during the ingathering of the wheat (barley was reaped at the Passover).  For teaching regarding the typical significance of the offerings presented at Pentecost please refer to “Part 4 – The Meat Offering (2)”.  Today we shall look at the attitude and spirit of the worshipper during this great festival.  Pentecost will forever be associated with the initial and greatest outpouring of the Spirit and this must be uppermost in our minds as we study the type.  Christ died during the feast of the Passover and rose again on the day when the first fruits of the barley harvest were presented before God.  Then after the numbering of 7 complete weeks from the resurrection the Holy Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost.  Who could not believe that the Scriptures are inspired as we ponder the clarity of the type and the antitype?  Therefore the theme of this feast must be Reviving By Christ.  The theme of our study is the spirit God requires of us if we are to experience revival. 

1:         Consecration Of The Worshipper     Leviticus 23:15-22

¨       Acknowledgement that their harvest was a gift from God.

¨       All our possessions require the blessing of God.

¨       They were afraid of using the Lord’s gifts to commit sin.

¨       Confession of sin necessary in consecration.

¨       The fields were not to be stripped bare so that the poor and the     stranger could glean.

¨       All was done in the spirit of joy.

2:         Conduct Of The Worshipper     Deuteronomy 26

¨       Offered a public profession of faith; v3.

¨       An admission of their former condition; v5-8.

¨       Gloried in the good things provided by God; v9.

¨       On the basis of such a spirit the worshipper could then with a free conscience and joyful heart enjoy the gifts of the Lord; v11.


3:         Confidence Of The Worshipper         Acts 2

By offering the first fruits at Pentecost the Jew had assurance that the harvest would continue and his offering was a token by faith of what would follow.  While the first fruits at the Passover represented our resurrection the first fruits at Pentecost represented the great revivals where thousands of souls have been and will be converted by grace.  The outpouring of the spirit on that day was only the first fruits of further awakenings.

¨       The first great revival came only by the power of the Holy Ghost; John20:22.

¨       Part of the harvest that results from Christ’s resurrection is the outpouring of the spirit.  We can claim revival on the merits of Christ’s finished work; John12:24.

¨       If we are to experience revival we must be burdened for the infilling of the spirit which is also a harvest springing from Christ’s resurrection.  A revived people are always a spirit filled people.

¨       Pentecost set the pattern by which God would extend his Kingdom in New Testament times.

¨       Pentecost marked the beginning of an ingathering from among the Gentile and the Jewish peoples.  In this we see the antitype of the two loaves presented in Leviticus 23.

¨       The revival at Pentecost only took place when the gospel when preached.

¨       The apostles had to wait and hold onto God to receive the blessing; Luke24:49.

¨       The conversions on that day were numerous; Acts 2:41.

¨       The conversions were complete and thorough with mourning over sin and a desire for new life; Acts 2:37, 42.

¨       Despite the great awakening the church was imperfect and has been through every revival.  Therefore the two loaves were presented with leaven.

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