Let us look at the children of our homes and our society. What kind of a future do we want for them? After the Coronavirus clears – what will the world look like? We must earnestly seek God, that he would intervene in grace, that in wrath He would remember to be gracious because where sin abounds grace doth much more abound.

Overcoming Coronavirus Fear with Christian Hope

A Pastor shares his faith and his prayers We are living in strange days filled with heightened anxiety and deep uncertainty. For two months we have watched COVID-19 coming closer to our shores; and now the pandemic is about to strengthen its grip on on our population. We are concerned for older people who areContinue reading “Overcoming Coronavirus Fear with Christian Hope”


You profess faith in Christ? But how real is that faith in school and when you are in University how real will be there. Away from the Church, away from your parents are you true to your convictions? For faith to be faith it must be tested. Every Christian must face Babylon and Babylon represents the world. And in the world, you will be pressurised to conform to the worldly mindset.


Satan is on the lookout for the best of our youth, he wants their talents and their knowledge for his kingdom.  He wants our budding musicians to play and sing the songs of the world, he wants our future authors to write the empty and vulgar stories that fill the best seller lists, he wants our doctors to capitulate to the secular clamour for abortion and transgenderism, he wants our public speakers to address any issue but Christianity, he wants our politicians to conform to the secular mindset that drives society, he wants our scientists to tolerate the evolutionary mind set.  To the youth of today I appeal – don’t let Satan have the best that God has given you.  He will take you and use you and then your soul will be lost.