A Martyr’s Christmas Message

Bishop John Hooper of Gloucester, was burnt to death during the reign of Queen Mary.  I came across this quote taken from a letter that he wrote to Protestant prisoners, as a comfort to them in their affliction.  The quote is found in J.C. Ryle’s ‘Expository Thoughts on the Gospels’ – Luke 2:16 (Footnote).  If you need a word of consolation today read on:


“Read the 2nd chapter of Luke, and there ye shall see how the shepherds that watched their sheep all night, as soon as they heard that Christ was born at Bethlehem, bye and bye must go to see him.  They did not reason nor debate with themselves who should keep the wolf from the sheep in the mean time, but did as they were commanded and committed their sheep to him whose pleasure they obeyed.  So let us do, now we be called; let us commit all other things unto him that called us.  He will take heed that all things shall be well.  He will help the husband; he will comfort the wife.  He will guide the servants; he will keep the house; he will preserve the goods; yea rather than it should be undone, he will wash the dishes and rock the cradle.  Cast therefore all your care upon God.”

One thought on “A Martyr’s Christmas Message

  1. Amen! My husband and I are just finishing up the Gospel of Luke….and this is about our conclusion as we finished another chapter today! We can only cast all our cares upon Him – as we cry, pray and intercede for our unsaved loved ones….


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